I am loved. And that love is overflowing in me. It is love that comes from the Father. The only love we need. I love my God.

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I want to fuck this GIF

The fact that you can see every mother fucking line of his abs and v line GO FUCK YOURSELF.
Permalink With Luigi de la Paz of the DLSU Green Archers! 👌 #It’sMoreFunInDLSU #An1mo (at One Archer’s Place)
Permalink Maybe tonight I’ll call you after my blood turns into alcohol.
Permalink Gerald Anderson!! 😱✌💕 (at De La Salle University)
Permalink 1 and a half hour of sleep. But it’s a good daaaaay ❤❤❤ :)
Permalink This book is causing me sleep deprivation. I NEVER thought there would come a day wherein I would be addicted to reading Noli Me Tangere. There is seriously something wrong with me.
Permalink Reading Noli Me Tangere. Thank God for english translations ❤❤ :)
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"I don’t even remember a time when he wasn’t my boyfriend. No one knows me better than Cory."
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